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Financial Education Course

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NEED A Financial Consultant?



Our President, Gaines DuVall, is an instructor with Adult Financial Education Services (AFES), specializing in planning and guidance for those who are seeking a better lifestyle and a guaranteed income in retirement. We offer educational courses and workshops structured to add to your financial toolkit, so you have the knowl­edge and confidence to make those financial decisions that meet your financial goals. Knowing what those goals are is a challenge and it’s where you need to start. Some people need help nailing down their priorities.

More and more, retirees and working adults are accountable for and understanding some pretty sophisticated financial matters. You’re expected to know how to manage money, how to plan for retirement, make good investments, ensure diversification, understand taxes and how they impact retirement. It’s a huge and intimidating list! Unless you majored in Finance in college, you might not have the experience or even the vocabulary to wade through it. Most people aren’t motivated to dig into something they don’t really understand. Taking on their future prosperity when today is a challenge is beyond the pale. We get it.

We work with Adult Financial Education Services, a not-for-profit organization that is committed to raising the financial literacy of adults, helping them make suitable financial choices and understand investment advice they’re hearing. So we’re used to making it understandable and that makes us better coaches than average. Let us help you cut through the frustration; it won’t take long before you’re speaking the financial language, too. We promise!





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